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 US presidential debate tomorrow

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PostSubject: US presidential debate tomorrow   Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:32 pm


oh...hey man!

so ya, ive been having some internet/comp problems. Once they get the wiring done I will have ethernet in my bedroom so I wont have to use wireless whioch should lead to more reliable and fast internets. Also, im having some comp issues, every once in a while my pc will just freeze up...other times it will start to lag out, and the sound will do so randomly also...its fucking annoying. Im thinking it might be the dust because there has been alot of dust in my room due to construction outside...any ideas?

As for CAL and css...im still uncertain how much time I can out into it. It's not that im busy doing schoolwork....fuck no.....more like watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and random movies...and drinking...and trying to get my dick wet (which I am failing at btw). If you need to find a replacement that can gurantee their participation then feel free to do so and I can be used as an emergency backup.

Im going to try to come on and chill and play with you guys ASAP, but Im going to be away for the weekend hiking.

I miss you guys

wait...fuck u no i dont <3
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US presidential debate tomorrow
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