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 Xplicit! Movie?

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PostSubject: Xplicit! Movie?   Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:01 pm

Hey, i was just wondering if you guys wanted me to make a movie for the team at the end of the season or whenever of cal matches or scrims. if so, i'd need you all to record demos during scrims and you should be of matches anyways. keep the good ones and playdemo to find the good frags and see where they are. only send me the good stuff. When you got that all together put the demo and a .txt file, telling the tick number and description of frags at that tick, in a zip folder and upload to http://www.filefront.com post the link here for the download and i may use it. if you have any questions on the movie or how to do any of that just post it. also if you have any preferences for the movie you can discuss that all here.
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Xplicit! Movie?
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